Sportswear trends: customer desires, reflected

admin Comments 0 April 29, 2017

Today, it seems the world is driven by sports. It’s a billion-dollar heavyweight that’s present in everything from entertainment to fashion. Because there’s so much money to be made, there’s room for everyone: professionals, amateurs, enthusiasts, and haters. This also means sportswear can be anything you want it to be.

Sports and fashion have always been there to respond to our changing society. For example, before the industrial revolution, fashion was tailored mainly for the upper class (Wear day clothes to the theater? Barbarians!). Pre-emancipation, sports was heavily gendered (Women in sports? What nonsense!).

Sports used to be a pastime for those with means for the gear and energy for the game. With industry replacing manual labor, physical exertion could finally become fun for the working class, too. Photo and film made sports accessible to those who couldn’t go to the games, and allowed moments in sports to live (and be monetized) forever, giving reason for fans to become attached to their favorite athletes. Sports turned into a competition of nations without war.

You wake up early to hit the gym. Post workout, you slip out of your limited-edition gear and change into an outfit that includes either a t-shirt, a hoodie, a polo, or a pair of sneakers. After work, you unwind at home in your coziest sweats. 

College students started wearing their hoodies off the court and field, and the garment quickly gained favor outside campuses for its utility and versatility. Once 1970’s and 1980’s subcultures


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